Who we are

Pulmocide is a unique biopharmaceutical company with a mission to treat common acute and chronic respiratory tract infections associated with serious complications and devastating effects on patients’ quality of life.

Unlike currently available treatments for fungal infections in the lung, our innovative approach to drug development provides targeted delivery to the lung so that infections can be treated with minimal unwanted systemic effects.

The Pulmocide team has an extensive track record in the discovery and development of novel inhaled medicines for respiratory indications and infectious diseases. The team has particular expertise in the identification of compounds with optimal characteristics for lung delivery.

  • “Based on results to date in patients who have already failed multiple treatment options, we believe PC945 has the potential to significantly improve response rates while minimizing any additional toxicity burden and drug-drug interactions that are frequently seen with systemic approaches."”

    Dan Burgess
  • “It is gratifying to see PC945 producing the responses we designed it to achieve in patients who have failed existing therapies. We’re looking forward to exploring these findings more fully in studies in both acutely and chronically ill patients.”

    Pete Strong
PC945 is a novel, potent, fungicidal anti-Aspergillus compound

A Phase 3 study of PC945 for adults, who have limited or no alternative treatment options, for the treatment of invasive pulmonary aspergillus disease as part of a combined antifungal regimen will be initiated in 2022.


Management Team

  • Dan Burgess
  • Dr Lance Berman
  • Dr Anne Brindley
  • Dr Pete Strong
  • Jennifer Giottonini Cayer
  • Dr David Mantus
  • Joe Suarez