Who we are

Pulmocide is a unique biopharmaceutical company with a mission to treat common acute and chronic respiratory tract infections associated with serious complications and devastating effects on patients’ quality of life.

Unlike currently available treatments for fungal infections in the lung, our innovative approach to drug development provides targeted delivery to the lung so that infections can be treated with minimal unwanted systemic effects.

The Pulmocide team has an extensive track record in the discovery and development of novel inhaled medicines for respiratory indications and infectious diseases. The team has particular expertise in the identification of compounds with optimal characteristics for lung delivery.

  • "On the back of our previous success in the inhaled therapeutic area, we set out with the goal of creating novel therapies for life-threatening lung infections."

    Dr Garth Rapeport
  • “The products that we are developing have the potential to make significant improvements in the standard of care for patients, effectively transforming chronic and crippling conditions in vulnerable populations, into treatable and manageable diseases.”

    Pete Strong
PC945 is a novel, inhaled azole designed for lung penetration and potency against Aspergillus.

Pulmocide is preparing to start a Phase 3 program with PC945 in 2021


Management Team

  • Dan Burgess
  • Dr Lance Berman
  • Dr Alison Murray
  • Dr Pete Strong
  • Jennifer Cayer
  • Dr David Mantus
  • Dr Kaz Ito
  • Dr Lindsey Cass
  • Dr Amanda Davis