Dr. Fiona MacLaughlin

Board Member

Fiona is a Senior Director, Venture Investments, at Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc., the strategic venture arm of Johnson & Johnson). Prior to joining JJDC, Fiona was a Director at Inkef Capital, where she led both pharma and MedTech investments and held board seats in a number of portfolio companies. As a qualified pharmacist, Fiona is passionate about helping early-stage companies establish a value-building trajectory by engaging and challenging management and creating optimal development plans. Fiona began her career in biotech focusing on the development of non-viral gene therapy and other novel delivery solutions. A fundamental interest in philanthropy led her to the Wellcome Trust and a focus on translational funding, including establishing a fund to support the development of affordable healthcare technologies in India. Fiona’s transition to venture investing began with a move to Advent Life Sciences, where she was involved in helping shape and build a number of early-stage companies, including Arrakis Therapeutics.

Fiona is a pharmacist by training and has a Ph.D. in drug delivery (Nottingham University).

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