PC945 is the only potent, novel triazole anti-fungal that has been specifically developed as an inhaled treatment for pulmonary aspergillosis. It has been designed to deliver high local lung concentrations, retention in lung tissues that offers a long duration of action and minimal systemic exposure.

PC945 is 30- to 100-fold more potent than Voriconazole against Aspergillus Fumigatus spp. and exhibits minimal systemic bioavailability after inhaled administration and is intended for delivery by nebulizer at low doses (0.5 to 5mg daily).

Initial phase 1 clinical trials will start in April 2017. Subsequent studies will be directed in prevention and treatment for Aspergillus infections in Cystic Fibrosis, lung transplant and ABPA (asthma).

  • “On the back of our previous success in the inhaled therapeutic area, we set out with the goal of creating novel therapies for devastating lung diseases, specifically those that have a lack of viable and effective therapeutic options.”

    Dr Garth Rapeport
  • “The products that we are developing have the potential to make significant improvements in the standard of care for patients, effectively transforming chronic and crippling conditions in vulnerable populations, into treatable and manageable diseases.”

    Pete Strong