Pulmocide and PGIMER (Chandigarh, India) presented one poster at the recent 8th Trends in Medical Mycology Conference, held November 6-9, 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia. There are as follow

A full copy of the scientific poster can be downloaded here:

Susceptibility of emerging Candida auris isolates to the novel inhaled triazoles PC945/PC1244

Candida auris is an emerging multidrug-resistant species causing invasive infection (e.g. candidemia) with high mortality. A worldwide outbreak has been reported, the majority of cases identified as secondary nosocomial infections. Lower susceptibility of C. auris to current antifungals such as triazoles, polyenes and echinocandins limits treatment options. Both PC945 and PC1244 are novel inhaled anti-fungal triazoles with potent and persistent anti-fungal activities against Aspergillus fumigatus. Here, the activities of PC945 and PC1244 against C. auris were evaluated.