London, UK, 2 March 2020 – Pulmocide Ltd, which is developing first-in-class inhaled anti-infectives for targeted treatment of life-threatening lung infections, is pleased to announce that company scientists gave 4 presentations on its novel antifungal candidate PC945 at the 9th Advances Against Aspergillosis and Mucormycosis conference. These presentations included descriptions of PC945 anti-fungal synergy with systemic echinocadnin in a preclinical model (poster 33) , effects of PC945 on fungal load in mouth wash from healthy subjects (poster 69), accumulation of PC945 in the lungs of neutropenic, immunocompromised mice (poster 68), and the impact of PC945 on the cell wall integrity of A.fumigatus (poster 34 and oral presenation).

The presentations are available online and can be viewed here.