Pulmocide presented two posters at the Macrae Foundation’s XVIII International Symposium on Respiratory Viral Infections, held March 31 – April 02, 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. These are as follows:

Preclinical characterization of PC786, a potent antiviral inhibitor of respiratory syncytial virus replication

PC786 is a novel anti-respiratory syncytial virus agent designed for inhalation treatment of RSV infection. In this study, the in vitro and in vivo profiles of PC786 were investigated against RSV A and RSV B.

Effects of PC786, a novel inhibitor of respiratory syncytial virus replication, on RSV titre and biomarkers in fully differentiated human bronchial epithelial cells

PC786 is a novel antiviral compound currently being developed as an inhaled therapy for the treatment of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections. In this study, the antiviral efficacy of PC786 was investigated against RSV A2 in fully-differentiated human bronchial epithelial cells (HBEC) as a biological model more representative of the characteristics of viral infection in the human airway.