Delivery direct to the bronchial epithelium by fine mist nebulizer will offer significant advantages – rapid onset of action, high local concentrations that will prevent the future development of resistance. Safety is of paramount importance in the treatment of RSV bronchiolitis in infants.

As infants hospitalized for RSV have a 3-fold increased risk of asthma, effective treatment of hospitalized infants with RSV could be expected to reduce the development of this chronic condition.

  • "On the back of our previous experience in the inhaled area, we set out with the goal of creating highly effective and safe new therapies for RSV."

    Dr Garth Rapeport
  • “The products that we are developing have the potential to make significant improvements in the standard of care for patients, effectively transforming chronic and crippling conditions in vulnerable populations, into treatable and manageable diseases.”

    Pete Strong